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Training Services Division : winningfromwithin

Classroom Course Description

Lessons in Leadership

These programs, facilitated by Training Services Division staff, feature the best in leadership and management thinking through taped presentations from internationally/nationally recognized experts. 

Winning from Within:  Creating Lasting Change in Your Leadership
Presented by Erica Ariel Fox


Life is a series of negotiations.  You negoitate every time you try to influence people, or they try to influence you.  These negotiations are visible to the eye.  But if you think about it, you likely spend a fair amount of time in another set of negotiations: those you have with yourself – what Erica Ariel Fox calls the “negotiations within”.  Our inner negoitiations, those that we have with ourselves are extremely important because they determine the impact of our actions and the quality of our lives.  Fox outlines a framework for recognizing our “inner negotiators” and harnessing them to realize our full potential, rather than being driven by them. 

During this program, you will learn:

·         What it means to “negotiate with yourself”

·         How to recognize seven key inner negotiators

·         How to leverage different inner negotiations for distinct results

·         How winning the “negotiation within” produces high performance and lasting change in your leadership and your life