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Classroom Course Description

Lessons in Leadership

These programs, facilitated by Training Services Division staff, feature the best in leadership and management thinking through taped presentations from internationally/nationally recognized experts. 

The Power of Framing – Creating the Language of Leadership
Presented by Gail Fairhurst

As a leader, it is critical to tap into the power of language so that you can persuade effectively and communicate credibily in today’s business environment. How? Through the power of framing.  Through framing, we define the meaning of “the situation here and now.” Is it a “crisis”, “a cause for concern” or should we be on “red-alert”?  These are examples of how we frame the situations we face.  When we connect with others through our framing, we shape reality. When we can “manage meaning” when others are unable, we emerge as leaders.  Gail Fairhurst will share how to strengthen your leadership skill by learning how to frame issues, events, and situations so that you can communicate with clarity and conviction.

During this program, you will:

·         Assess your personal framing style and identfy its strengths and challenges

·         Discover how the most effective leaders shape context, connect with others, and uncover untapped opportunites through effective framing.

·         Learn powerful techniques to improve your framing – and your leadership style.