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Spring Grove Hospital : StudentTraining

Spring Grove Hospital Center
Psychology Externship  
Two-semester, 15-20 hours per week advanced practicum working with patients with serious mental illness. Prerequisites: 1) Current enrollment in a Ph.D. or Psy.D. in Clinical or Counseling Psychology Program (APA-Accredited, preferred); 2) Completion of two (2) full years of graduate study; 3) Completion of at least two (2) courses in psychology assessment and the write-up of at least 2 (two) full batteries, one of which is an adult; 4) Affirmation of Eligibility from the Director of Clinical Training at the student’s home university to participate in the Psychology Externship Program (form included in application packet);  6) A training agreement must be in place between the home university and SGHC (can be arranged by contacting the Coordinator of Psychology Externship Training); and 7) Malpractice coverage.  An assessment and therapy (group and individual) element is involved in addition to mandatory lectures and didactics.
Application Procedure:  To request an Externship Brochure and application packet (not available on-line), please contact via email (preferred):
Psychology Internship
The internship is a one-year, full-time (40 hours per week) training program for students completing doctoral programs. Interns are selected through the APPIC Match process utilizing the AAPI application, a comprehensive sample report and mandatory interview.  Prerequisites: 1) Current enrollment in an APA-Accredited Ph.D. or Psy.D. Clinical or Counseling Psychology Program; 2) Completion of 1000 hours of total practicum experience by application deadline; 3) Total of 550 direct, face-to-face Intervention and Assessment (combined) with: a) minimum of 300 Intervention Hours and 100 Assessment Hours completed  by application deadline and b) at least 50% of  the combined Intervention/Assessment hours occurred with adult populations; 5) Completion of all degree requirements that could interfere with acceptance of an offer on Match Day, such as required coursework; 6) Dissertation/clinical research project approved by application deadline (though the further along the better); 7) Good standing in graduate program; and, 8) Professional liability coverage by start of internship.
This internship site agrees to abide by the APPIC policy that no person at this training facility will solicit, accept, or use any ranking-related information from any intern applicant.
The 40 hours/week one-year full-time doctoral internship training program in the Psychology Department at Spring Grove Hospital Center is APA-accredited and a member of APPIC. The Internship program endorses a Practitioner-Scholar training model and is designed to train and prepare competent, health service psychology practitioners who will deliver clinical psychology services, as well as lead other mental health providers in the delivery of services to the public in various settings, with a particular focus on service provision to the severely mentally ill patient population. The Psychology Internship Training Program strongly encourages the integration of the theoretical and empirical literature in all areas of professional decision-making. The program further trains and develops fledgling psychologists who are able to critically evaluate and use available literature in the field, as well as who will approach assessment, intervention, as well as consultation from a scholarly, evidence-based approach.  At the same time, the program encourages interns to develop a unique identity consistent with the best practices in the field, professional ethics and values, and the individual’s own personal therapeutic style.
Over the course of the internship training year, the program employs, along with specific core requirements, a number of competencies as vehicles to build skills and impart knowledge so that each intern will meet the program’s goals, objectives and expectations, as well as the intern’s personal training goals and objectives. The Internship Training Program has as its primary Goals the following:  
Goal 1.  To develop fledgling Clinical Psychologists who are generally competent in evidenced-based assessment and treatment of patients with a particular emphasis on the seriously mentally ill.
Goal 2.  To develop psychologists who are competent in the complexities of providing supervision of other professionals.
Goal 3.  To develop psychologists with a fundamental knowledge of administration, program development and evaluation. 
The interns are systematically guided to move from the role of intern to that of professional psychologist by developing core competencies and practicing these competencies under the watchful eye of seasoned psychology staff.   The six core competency areas are: 1) Assessment and Diagnosis; 2) Intervention (therapies: individual, group, etc.); 3) Supervision and Teaching; 4) Professional Development, Conduct, Ethics and Law; 5) Administration, Program Development and Evaluation; and 6) Consultation and Interdisciplinary Relationships.
The core requirements for completion of the internship training program are individualized and equivalent for interns within the context of an individual Competency Development Plan and two major rotations (Admissions and one other). An Enhanced/Specialized Training Opportunity (e.g., forensics, substance abuse) is available during the second rotation, typically one-day per week. Specific requirements/targeted goals include: Evaluations (Initial Psychological Assessments; Trauma Screening; Assessment Batteries (psychological, neuropsychological); Annual Psychological Summaries; Therapeutic Interventions (Individual Psychotherapy; Group Therapy); Behavioral ConsultationsCase PresentationsExtern Mentoring (individual and group format); Educational Project (with undergraduate psychology students); Program Development/ Administration/ Evaluation Projects; and Committee Assignments.
The Internship Training Program at Spring Grove Hospital Center is committed to maintaining and enhancing diversity in ideas, orientation, culture, ethnicity and experience. To that end we encourage and solicit applications from all localities, schools and minorities who might qualify. Spring Grove Hospital Center, as an agency of the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH), does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin or disability in the operation and administration of its services, facilities, programs, benefits, and employment opportunities.  Spring Grove Hospital Center, Department of Psychology, does not discriminate on the basis of any factor that is irrelevant to the successful completion of internship training.  All qualified applicants from qualified programs are considered.
Application ProcedureLink to our Internship Brochure may be found below:
NOTE: Our Internship Brochure is updated annually, typically by July/August.  If you are unsure if you have the most recent version, please contact us at the email address below and we will gladly send it to you
Missie McGreevy, Department Secretary
(410) 402-7829;
We accept the AAPI along with supplemental data (a comprehensive psychological report sample). For further information, please see the APPIC online Directory, Internship Brochure, or contact:
Robyn Davidson, Ph.D., Director, Psychology Internship Training 
Spring Grove Hospital Center, Department of Psychology
55 Wade Avenue- Tuerk Building 

Catonsville, MD 21228
(410) 402-7830;
For questions related to the program’s accreditation status, please direct your inquiry to the Commission on Accreditation at:
Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, N.E.
Washington, DC   20002-4242
Phone: (202) 336-5979, TDD:  (202) 336-6123