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SHIP : stressmgmttopic

State Health Improvement Process (SHIP)

Topic of the Month: Stress Management

The effects of stress play a fundamental role in one's health. Learning how to better manage stress can serve to positively improve the overall health status of Marylanders.

Please offer your opinions, questions, ideas and tools or resources about stress management for the state of Maryland by clicking HERE

  What is Stress?
  Stress refers primarily to the experiences people have when they face challenging events or conditions that they feel exceed their resources for coping.

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  Stress Assessment: Rate Your Stress Level

Use the Mayo Clinic Stress Assessment and the Discovery Health Stress Assessment to determine the sources and better understand the amount of stress you encounter in your life.
  The Impact of Stress
  Stress causes changes in your body. It also affects your thoughts and emotions.

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  Fighting Stress with Healthy Habits
  Healthy habits can protect you from the harmful effects of stress. Click here for 10 positive healthy habits you may want to develop.
  Stress Management
  Stress management gives you a range of tools to reset your internal fight or flight alarm. Without stress management, all too often your body is always on high alert. Over time, high levels of stress lead to serious health problems. Don't wait until stress has a negative impact on your health, relationships or quality of life. Start practicing a range of stress management techniques today.

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  Stress and Relaxation Techniques
  Some people use relaxation techniques (also called relaxation response techniques) to release tension and to counteract the ill effects of stress. Relaxation techniques often combine breathing and focused attention on pleasing thoughts and images to calm the mind and the body. Some examples of relaxation response techniques are autogenic training, biofeedback, deep breathing, guided imagery, progressive relaxation, and self-hypnosis.

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  Stress and Alcohol
Excessive alcohol consumption cost the United States $223.5 billion in 2006, or about $1.90 per drink, mostly due to binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined as having 5 or more drinks (men) or 4 or more drinks (women) in one occasion in the past 30 days
• About 15% of U.S. adults report binge drinking; see how your state or community compares.
• There are many evidence-based interventions that communities can use to prevent excessive drinking.

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  Stress Management Resource
  èConnect with MarylandSHIP: Please offer your opinions, questions, ideas and tools or resources about stress management for the State of Maryland