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Subtitle 34BOARD OF PHARMACY10.34.01Displinary Proceedings
10.34.02Examination for Licensure and professional Experience Programs
10.34.03Inpatient Institutional Pharmacy
10.34.04Transfer of Outsourcing of Prescriptions and Prescription Orders
10.34.05Pharmacy Security
10.34.08Information Required on Prescriptions or Patient Drug Profiles
10.34.06Reporting Pharmacist's Mailing Address and Location of Employment
10.34.07Pharmacy Equipment
10.34.10Pharmacist Code of Conduct
10.34.11Monetary Panalties
10.34.12Removal of Expired Prescription Drugs
10.34.13Reinstatement of Expired Licenses of Pharmacists
10.34.14Closure of Pharmacies
10.34.15Licensure by Reciprocity
10.34.16Portable Drug Kits for Licensed Home Health Agencies, Hospices, and  Home Infusion Providers Licensed as Residential Services Agencies
10.34.17Waiver of Full Service Requirements for Recognized Pharmaceutical Specialties
10.34.18Contuning Education for Pharmacists
10.34.19Sterile Pharmaceutical Compounding
10.34.20Format of Prescription Transmission
10.34.21Standard of Practice for Unlicensed Personnel
10.34.22Licensing of Wholesale Prescription Drug or Device Distributors
10.34.23Pharmaceutical Services to Residents in Long-Term Care Facilities
10.34.24Record of Drug Inventory Acquisition
10.34.25Delivery of Prescriptions
10.34.26Patient Safety Improvement
10.34.27Compelling Purpose Disclosure
10.34.28Automated Medication Systems
10.34.29Drug Therapy Management
10.34.30Name Changes - Pharmacy or Distribution Permit Holder
10.34.31Dispensing or Distrubuting at a Setting that does possess a Pharmacy Permit
10.34.32Pharmacist Administration of Influenza Vaccination
10.34.33Prescription Drug Repository Program
10.34.34Pharmacy Technicians
Subtitle 13DRUGS10.13.08Sale of Needles and Syringes or Other Paraphernalia