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Subtitle 2910.29.01Hearing Procedures
10.29.03Inspection of Funeral Establishments and Funeral Service Businesses
10.29.04Fee Schedule
10.29.05 Continuing Education
10.29.06Pre-need Contract
10.29.07Surviving Spouse
10.29.08Courtesy Card
10.29.09Requirements for Apprenticeship
10.29.10Monetary Penalties
10.29.11Complaint Procedures
10.29.13Rehabilitation Committee
10.29.14Compelling Purpose Disclosure
10.29.15Family Security Trust Fund
10.29.16Crematories — Definitions
10.29.17Crematories — Permit, Licensing and Fees
10.29.18Crematories — Inspections, Complaints, Investigations, Grounds for Discipline and Penalties
10.29.19Crematories — Cremation Procedures
10.29.20Crematories — Code of Ethics
10.29.21Mortuary Transport Services
10.29.22General Regulations