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Subtitle 01PROCEDURES10.21.01Involuntary Admission to Inpatient Mental Health Facilities
10.21.02Psychiatric Day Treatment Services
10.21.03Requirement for Individual Treatment Plans
10.21.04Community Mental Health Programs - Group Homes for Adults with Mental Illness
10.21.05Aftercare Plans
10.21.06Admission to Regional Institutes for Children and Adolescents
10.21.07Therapeutic Group Homes
10.21.08Services for Mentally Ill Hearing Impaired Patients in Facilities;
10.21.09Patients' Rights to Visitors
10.21.10Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility (PRTF) Demonstration Waiver Providers
10.21.11Purchase of Residential Therapeutic Care for Children
10.21.12Use of Quiet Room and Use of Restraint
10.21.13Use of Quiet Room and Use of Seclusion
10.21.14Residential Grievance System
10.21.15Petition for Emergency Evaluation - Payment for Services
10.21.16Community Mental Health Programs - Application and Approval Processes
10.21.17Community Mental Health Programs -Definitions and Administrative Requirements
10.21.18Community Mental Health Programs - Therapeutic Nursery Programs
10.21.19Community Mental Health Programs - Mobile Treatment Services
10.21.20Community Mental Health Programs - Outpatient Mental Health Clinics
10.21.21Community Mental Health Programs - Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs
10.21.22Community Mental Health Programs - Residential Rehabilitation Programs
10.21.23Community-Based Fund
10.21.24Interagency Discharge Planning for Hospitalized Children and Adolescents
10.21.25Fee Schedule - Mental Health Services - Community-Based Programs and Individual Practitioners
10.21.26Community Mental Health Programs - Residential Crisis Services
10.21.27Community Mental Health Programs - Respite Care Services
10.21.28Community Mental Health Programs - Mental Health Vocational Programs (MHVP)
10.21.29Community Mental Health Programs - Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services  for Minors