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10LABORATORIES (*denotes enforcement by OHCQ)*10.10.01General
*10.10.02Medical Laboratories-General
*10.10.03Medical Laboratories-Fees
*10.10.04Medical Laboratories-Licences
*10.10.05Medical Laboratories-Proficiency Testing
*10.10.06Medical Laboratories-Quality Assurance
*10.10.07Medical Laboratories-Personnel
*10.10.08Medical Laboratories-Sanctions
*10.10.09Law Enforcement Laboratories - Personnel Certification and Approval of Laboratory Procedures
*10.10.10Job-Related Alcohol and Controlled Dangerous Substances Testing
10.10.11Biological Agents Registry Program
*10.10.12Medical Laboratories-Public Health HIV Testing Programs
10.10.13Medical Laboratories—Testing for Hereditary and Congenital Disorders in Newborn Infant
13DRUGS10.13.01Dispensing of Prescription Drugs by a Licensee
10.13.11Sale of Drugs by Vending Machine
10.13.12Impoundment and Disposal of Drugs and Prescription Records
19DANGEROUS DEVICES AND SUBSTANCES10.19.03Controlled Dangerous Substances