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Subtitle 10LABORATORIES10.10.01General
10.10.02Medical Labs.-General
10.10.03Medicl Labs. Fees
10.10.04Medical Labs. Licences
10.10.05Medical labs. Proficiency Testing
10.10.06Medical Labs. Quality Assurance
10.10.07Medical labs. Personnel
10.10.08Medical Labs. Sanctions
10.10.09Law Enforcement Laboratories - Personnel Certification and Approval of Laboratory Procedures (NOTE FOR COMAR 10.10.09 ONLY: Contact Dr. DeBoy for amending and promulgation process information.)
10.10.10Job-Related Alcohol and Controlled Dangerous Substances Testing
10.10.11Biological Agens Registy program
10.10.12Medical Labs. Public Health HIV Testing Programs
10.10.13Medical Laboratories—Testing for Hereditary and Congenital Disorders in Newborn Infant
Subtitle 50TISSUE BANKS10.50.01Tissue Banks
Adult Health10.12.01Surgical Abortion Facilities
13Drugs10.13.01Dispensing of Prescription Drugs by a Licensee
10.13.11Sale of Drugs by Vending Machine
10.13.12Impoundment and Disposal of Drugs and Prescription Records
19Dangerous Devices and Substances10.19.03Controlled Dangerous Substances