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24MHCC10.24.01Certificate of Need for Health Care Facilities
10.24.02Data Reporting by Hospitals
10.24.03Maryland Long-Term Care Survey
10.24.04Hospital Quality and Performance Evaluation System
10.24.05Research Waiver Applications: Atlantic C-PORT Study of Nonprimary PCI
10.24.06Data Reporting by Freestanding Medical Facilities
10.24.07State Health Plan: Overview, Psychiatric Services, and Emergency Medical Services
10.24.08State Health Plan for Facilities and Services: Long Term Care Services
10.24.09State Health Plan: Specialized Health Care Services - Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Services
10.24.10State Health Plan For Facilities and Services: Acute Inpatient Services
10.24.11State Health Plan: Ambulatory Surgical Services
10.24.12State Health Plan for Facilities and Services: Acute Hospital Inpatient Obstetric Services
10.24.13State Health Plan for Facilities and Services: Hospice Services
10.24.14State Health Plan: Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Treatment Services
10.24.15State Health Plan for Facilities and Services - Specialized Health Care Services - Organ Transplant Services
10.24.16State Health Plan: Worcester County — Repealed
10.24.17State Health Plan: Specialized Health Care Services - Cardiac Surgery and Therapeutic Catheterization Services
10.24.18State Health Plan for Facilities and Services: Specialized Health Care Services - Neonatal Intensive Care Services
25MHCC10.25.01Small Employer Health Benefit Plan Premium Subsidy Program
10.25.02User Fee Assessment on Health Care Practitioners
10.25.03User Fee Assessment on Payers, Hospitals, and Nursing Homes
10.25.04Hospital Quality and Performance Evaluation System
10.25.05Small Group Market Data Collection
10.25.06Maryland Medical Care Data Base and Data Collection
10.25.07Certification of Electronic Health Networks and Medical Care Electronic Claims Clearinghouses
10.25.08Evaluation of Quality and Performance of Health Benefit Plans
10.25.09Requirements for Payers to Designate Electronic Health Networks
10.25.10Maryland Trauma Physician Services Fund
10.25.11Institutional Review Board
10.25.12Imposition of Fines
10.25.13Health Information Technology Funding Applications
10.25.14Health Care Data Collection from Maryland Health Care Practitioners
10.25.15Management Service Organization State Designation
10.25.16Electronic Health Record Incentives
10.25.17Benchmarks for Preauthorization of Health Care Services
10.25.18Health Information Exchanges: Privacy and Security of Protected Health Information