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Remote Payments Online will be performing a routine scheduled system maintenance on Sunday, October 21, 2012 from 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. ET. During this maintenance period an interruption of transaction processing is expected.  As soon as our Technical Support is able to complete the scheduled maintenance the system will again be available.

Important Announcement to Renew Pharmacist Licenses

Please click here


 If your license expires in June 2011, you can not login the Online System until after May 1st


Certification to Administer the Influenza Vaccination Click Here For Details and Application.  Reminder: You must submit the required number of CE's to renew your vaccination administration along with your renewal.


Be An Emergency Preparedness Volunteer  Click Here For Details & Forms



Note: Your Login ID is your license number, and your password is the last 4 digits of your SSN.


1 - Did you change your password the last time you
      used the system to renew?

Your password is originally set to the last 4 digits of your
       Social Security Number.  The last time you renewed,
        you may have changed it to something else. 
        If you can not remember you password, send an eMail to the Board
        requesting that it be changed back to the last 4 digits of your SSN. 
        Our eMail address is DHMH.MDBOP@MARYLAND.GOV

  2 - Is it too late to login?
       The system is unavailable to after the last date of  your
        expiration month.

3 - Are you an Audit Candidate?
       Audit Candidates are required to submit hard copies of the Continuing    
       Education certificates along with the paper renewal application. 
       The Online System may not be used to renew.

4 - Is it too soon to login?

       The system is available 2 months prior to your expiration date. Example: 
       If your license expiration month is May, then you can renew in April and May only.

If your Pharmacist license expires this month, and you wish to use the Online Renewal system, you must do so  prior to the end of the expiration month.  After the deadline, you must send a paper renewal application to the Board, post marked before your license expires. 

You may hand-deliver your renewal application to the Board's office between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. The Board's office is located at 4201 Patterson Avenue, Baltimore MD 21215. For more information and directions, please call (410) 764-4759.

IMPORTANT: You will not be able to practice pharmacy in Maryland after your license expires until you physically receive your new license. If your application is received less than 14 days before your current license expires, the Board cannot guarantee that you will physically receive your license before the end of your expiration month. 



Click the link above if your license to practice as a pharmacist will expire within the next 60 days. Make sure you have your Continuing Education credit information available and a printer.   You may not renew online if your license has already expired. 



The Establishment Online Renewal System is available from October  through December 31th.  It will not be available this year for the 2010 Wholesale Distributor Renewal.

Your Login ID is your Permit (e.g. P00123) and your password is the last 6 digits of your Federal tax ID.  

For more information and directions, please call (410) 764-4759. 

Tax Liability Contacts:
Income tax liability only - Comptroller of Maryland                -                    410-974-2432
Business tax liability only - Comptroller of Maryland             -                    410-649-0633
DLLR liability only - Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation   -     410-767-2699
Any case that has multiple liabilities - Comptroller of Maryland         -     410-767-1908



    Board of Pharmacy
  • Technical Questions:                              (410)764-4701
  • License or Permit Renewal Questions: (410)764-4759 / 2485
  • Licensing Secretary                                          (410)764-4756
  • Licensing Manager                                  (410)764-4704
  • Executive Director's Office:                     (410)764-4794
  • Continuing Education Questions:         (410)764-4759
  • Disciplinary & Compliance:                    (410)764-2493
  • eMail the Board:

  • Division of Drug Control:                  (410)764-2890
  • Medicaid:                                              (410)767-5340
  • DEA:                                                      (410)962-7580
  • Medicaid Fraud:                                   (410)576-6527
  • Comptroller's Office (tax liability):     (888)674-0016
  • Business Tax liability DLLR               (888)614-6337



 >     **  Be An Emergency Preparedness Volunteer **    Click Here For Details

>              To Verify Licenses and Permits Click HERE

> HB 935 (Chapter 203) – Tax Clearance for License Renewals - Requires verification that an applicant has paid all undisputed taxes and unemployment insurance contributions (or has provided for payment satisfactory to the tax administrator) before a license or permit may be renewed. The law affects the renewal of licenses or permits for business occupations and professions, regulated industries, natural resources, environment, and health occupations as well as other licenses granted by the Comptroller’s Office. Certain motor vehicle licenses and permits (other than motor vehicle registrations or drivers’ licenses) are also affected. Effective July 1, 2003

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                                                                                                              Last Updated 08/08/2012