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Annapolis Data Center CICS Functions

1 Open Rumba to access the Ananpolis Data Center.  This Annapolis Data Center screen will appear.
Type  BDCCICS and press the Enter key.
2. The next screen will ask for your LOGONID: Type it and press tab. Then enter your password and
press enter.
(First time users or need to change password: Type your LOGONID and press tab. Enter your password
and again press tab.  You will go to the line enter new password.  Enter the new password and press tab.
Reenter your password and press enter.  You will get a message that you have successfully altered your
Type the four letters and anything that is underlined to access the following screens:
PPDA space PIN press Enter key
            Gives current and previous position data.
PPDB space Social Security number press Enter key
            Last history record on the employee
PPDC space Last Name, (no space), Initial of First Name press Enter key
            Gives Last name, 2 initials, pin, SSN and retirement code in alpha order
PPDT (no space) Class Code press Enter key
            Gives Title rate history, title code, type, family, work area, etc
PPYA space Social Security Number  (9 numbers only) press Enter key
            Complete employment history of employee with the state
            (Gives the most complete information on employee employment history)
PPYB space Social Security Number, Enter key
            Returns the four most recent transactions on an employee
PPYD space Social Security Number, Enter key
            Returns employment history of the last five years with the state.
PPYE space Social Security Number, Enter key
            Returns the 6 most recent transactions of the employee
PPYH space PIN space 0,  Enter key
            Returns PIN history by Social security order( be careful of the Social Security screen, it doesn’t always
            give the name for each of the different Social Security numbers.  Also watch for the dates for
            correct order
PPYO space Class Code, Enter key
            Returns class, title, PIN agency, check-district, employee status, and position status
            (Status codes: 02,03,06,=Vacant  04,05 = filled)  
PTLA space, Title, Enter key
            Provides title rate listing in title order
PTLT space Class Code, Enter key
            Provides title rate listing in class code order
To continue to the next page of a file press Enter key or Page Down
To go to another code or transaction, press the appropriate clear key and type in the next code
To view B part of a PPDA screen, or different page, press page down key or press the appropriate
clear key  and type one of the following:
P/+n= n pages forward                     P/C = Current page              P/L = Display last page
P/N = Next page                                P/-n = n pages back             P/P = Display previous page
Sign Off Clear the current screen and type LogOff and press the enter key