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A to Z Index Information and Forms



Above Base Guidelines Above Base Form
Accident Leave Accident Leave
Adjustments to Annual Leave Earnings  Acting Capacity Form
Administrative Overpayments Address Changeand Form
ALICS Appeal and Grievance Form
Annapolis Data Center (CICS) Instructions Appointment Certification Form
Benefits  Bilingual Pay Form
Cash Overtime - FLSA exempt employees  Contractual Conversion Transfers Form
CICS Instructions in Word DBM CICS
Contractual Conversion Transfers Memo 
Criminal Background Checks DHMH Timekeeping Access
DHMH Standards for Lunch Breaks 
Domestic Violence and the Workplace Policy Direct Deposit Authorization
Double Employment Affecting Health Professionals 
Emergency Check Advances Donating Leave to Another Employee
Employee Handbook  Download Eligible List Forms
​Employee Seperation/Layoff Driver Acknowledgment Form
Employee Relations Reference Sheet  Employee Assistance Program Form
Employer Employee Relations Guidelines Employers 1st Report of Injury for Employees Instructions and Packet
Employers 1st Report of Injury for Employees Instructions and Packet Equal Opportunity (EEO) Form
Employment Opportunities Equal Opportunity Applicant Data Form
Employment Opportunities  Exception to Standard Salary
Health Benefits Continuation Form
FMLA Health Benefits Election Form
FMLA PowerPoint Hiring Above Base Guidelines
Grievance Procedures  Hiring Freeze Exception Request Form
Health Statement of Ability for Sedentary/light work Incentive Award Program
Incentive Award Program Leave Bank - Medical Documentation
Lunch Breaks Leave Bank Appeal Form
Leave Bank Fact Sheet
Overtime Compensation- Secondary Employment Within DHMH  Leave Bank Form (To join or renew)
Pertinent IRMA Policies  Leave Bank Requests for Leave
Policies affecting all State Employees Leave Bank Training PowerPoint
Policy On Firearms Leave Cards
Procedures for Recruiting Leave of Absence Form
Recruiting and Hiring Welfare Recipients MS 402 Medical Request Form
Reemployment after Retirement MS 408 Leave Bank Request Form
Release Time For Special Events New Hire Registry Form
RMDS Report Printing/Display Manual Notice of Disciplinary Action (MS-4A) 
Senate Bill 172's Impact on EOD Dates Notice of Termination (MS-507) 
Senate Bill 221 - Reemployment of Retirees PEP Access Forms
Streamlind Selection Worksheet  PEP Access Forms
Streamlined Selection Class Listing  PEP Information and Forms
Streamlined Selection Guidelines  PEP Statistical Data Form 
Position Description Form
Supervisory Approval of Employee Timesheet Position Selection Plan for Appointments
Temporary Appointments Reference Check Completion Form
Temporary Employment Packet Release of Medical Records
Temporary Staffing Request to Appoint
Testing Services Recruitment Process  Request to Recruit
Time Limitations For Imposing Disciplinary Action  Sick Leave Counseling Form
Timekeeping Manual Sick Leave Counseling Form

Special Payments Payroll Authorization Change Form 

State Application MS 100
  Substance Abuse Policy Acknowledgement Form
  Telework Forms
  Temporary Employment (TE) Form
  Temporary Staffing
  Timekeeping Access Only
  Unsatisfactory Report of Service (MS106) 
  W4 Completion

W4 Form