TITLE: Sanitarian IV, Registered (0277) CD

SALARY: $41,074 - $65,568 (Grade 16)  


DESCRIPTION: This is technical and supervisory environmental health work. Employees perform, on a routine basis, inspections and investigations to aid in securing compliance with the health laws and regulations specifically pertaining to control of the public health aspects of the environment. In local health departments, employees in this classification are program chiefs in a large county of such size and complexity that it requires supervision of at least five lower-level staff members. On the headquarters staff, the employee either is head of a component of an environmental health program providing direction and guidance to local health department Sanitarians in that specialty or directly supervising at least two headquarters professionals; or is a program specialist who functions as an expert in the entire range of activities of a headquarters division and is assigned responsibility to act as an advisor in a particular area of the State in regard to these divisional activities. In this latter capacity, the employee may also function as a training specialist assuming responsibility and administering Statewide training programs to effect compliance with specific environmental health laws.


Education: Determined by the Maryland State Board of Environmental Sanitarians under the certificate of eligibility requirements for Environmental Sanitarians.

Experience: Four years of environmental health work experience in the promotion, control, and maintenance of environmental health, two years of which must have involved direction of an environmental control project and/or the supervision of positions performing environmental health work.

Note: Applicants may substitute a masterís degree in public health or environmental health sciences for one year of the required general experience.


1. Candidates for positions in this classification must possess a current license as a Registered Environmental Sanitarian from the Maryland State Board of Environmental Sanitarians. A photocopy of current registration must be attached to the application form (MS-100).

2. The licensure requirements are pursuant to State Environmental Article, Title 11, COMAR 26.07.01 through 26.07.04. The Secretary of the Department of Budget and Management cannot accept any substitutions.

3. Further information on eligibility requirements, to include application for license, may be obtained from the Administrative Officer, Maryland State Board of Environmental Sanitarian Registration, 1800 Washington Blvd., Baltimore, Maryland 21230.

4.  Applicants may be given a medical examination and may be required to demonstrate the ability to perform the work required of the position prior to appointment.

BARGAINING UNIT STATUS:  The incumbent in this position is a member of a covered bargaining unit and will be required to pay a bi-weekly service fee to the exclusive representative of the bargaining unit.

An Equal Opportunity Employer

Appropriate accommodations for individuals with disabilities are available upon request by calling:
(410) 767-1251 or MD TTY Relay service 1-800-735-2258.