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Community-based program designed to meet the needs of functionally and/or cognitively impaired adults through an individualized plan of care. These structured and comprehensive programs provide a variety of health, social, and other related support services in a protective setting.
Ambulatory Surgery Ctrs., Birthing Ctrs., Comprehensive Outpatient Rehab., Cosmetic Surgery Facilities, Dialysis Ctrs., Home Health Agencies, Hospice., Major Medical Equip.,
Outpatient Physical Therapy, Portable
X-Ray, Residential Svcs. Agencies,
Residential or facility-based programs that provide housing and supportiive services to meet the needs of residents who need assistance with performing activities of daily living.
Community Residential Svcs., Community-Supported Living Arrangements, Family Supported Svcs., Individual Support Svcs., Resource Coordination, Vocational & Day Habilitation Svcs. (including support employment)
Accredited and Non-Accredited
Employer Drug Testing
Acute Care & Psychiatric Hospitals, Freestanding Medical Facilities, HMOs, Patient Safety, Prison Hospitals, Residential Treatment Ctrs. 
Blood Drawing Stations, Blood, Sperm & Tissue Banks, Hospital Labs,
Independent Labs, Maryland Cytology Proficient Testing Prgm., Physician Office Labs
Nursing Homes
MDS 3.0
Group Homes for Adults with Mental Illness, Mental Health Vocational Prgms., Mobile Treatment Svcs., Nurse Referral Agencies, Nursing Staff Agencies, Outpatient Mental Health Ctr., Psych. Rehab. Prgms., Psych. Rehab Svcs for Minors, Psych. Day Treatment Svcs., Partial Hospitalization Prgrm., Residential Rehab. Prgms., Residential Crisis Svcs., Respite Care Svcs., Therapeutic Group Homes, Therapeutic Nursery Prgms.
Opioid Maintenance Therapy Programs
Outpatient Treatment Programs
Residential Programs
Early Intervention
Detoxification Treatment
Education Programs (DWI)

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