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 Please direct your questions to the OEOP Equal Access Compliance Unit staff:
Delinda Johnson | Delinda.Johnson@maryland.g​ov | (410) 767-5184
Tina Smith | | (410) 767-6597

Bilingual Pay Request Form (includes link to DHMH Timekeeping Manual)

Description: Over-The-Phone (oral) transmittal of a message from one language into another language.
Contractor: Language Line Services

Description: Translation of written (text) documents from English into any language or any language into English.  
Contractor:   Schreiber Translations, Inc.

Description: In-person, oral communication between speakers in different languages to and from spoken English and the native foreign language.  
Contractor: Ad Astra, Inc.

Description: Sign Language, Computer Assisted Real-Time Translation (CART) and Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) either in-person, by computer or video.  
Contractor: Varies by Region

To obtain contractor rates for the services above, please contact the OEOP Equal Access Compliance Unit.  Rate sheets are internal confidential documents and are not to be shared with offices or agencies outside of DHMH.

For TELEPHONIC SERVICES​, contact Language Line Services 
1 Lower Ragsdale Drive, Building 2 | Monterey, California 93940

DHMH offices have assigned client ID numbers for Language Line.  If you are unsure of your agency client ID number, contact your agency Limited English Proficiency Coordinator or the OEOP Equal Access Compliance Unit.

•     Account Request by Phone: 1-800-752-6096, Option 4 
•     Online Account Request: 

•     Telephonic Services Line: 1-866-874-3972  (Have your 6 digit client ID # ready)
•     Billing Inquiries: 1-800-752-6096, Option 1

For WRITTEN DOCUMENT TRANSLATION​, contact Schreiber Translations, Inc. (STI) 
51 Monroe Street, Suite 101 | Rockville, Maryland 20850 

Schreiber Translations does not require an account number to request services.  Agencies may contact Schreiber by email or online to request a quote for translation services.

•     Customer Service: 301-424-7737 (ext. 125 or 107) 
•     Request a quote by email: 
•     Request a quote online:​  (click “Services”)

•     Billing Inquiries: 301-424-7737 (ext. 124) 
•     Fax Number: 301-424-2336 

For ON-SITE INTERPRETATIONS​, contact Ad Astra, Inc. 
P.O. Box 3534 | Silver Spring, Maryland 20918 

DHMH offices have assigned account numbers for Ad Astra, Inc.  If you are unsure of your agency account number, contact your agency Limited English Proficiency Coordinator or the OEOP Equal Access Compliance Unit.

•     Interpreter Request Line: 1-800-308-4807  (Have your 4 digit account number ready)
•     Interpreter Request by Email:
•     Interpreter Request by Fax: Complete request form and fax to 301-408-4448
•     Website & Online Scheduling:​

•     Billing Inquiries: 301-408-4242 (ext. 113 or 115)
•     Billing Inquiries Email: 

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) awarded ten Contractors to provide Visual Communication Services (VCS) for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing.  These services provide an on-demand, easy to use, cost-effective source of sign language interpreters and computer assisted real-time transcription (CART).

Interpretation services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  The interpreters under the VCS contract are all licensed are certified.  Each DHMH office must contact the VCS contractors to set-up their own account and arrange services.  Services are not arranged for the offices by DBM or the OEOP Equal Access Compliance Unit.  

•     To locate the appropriate contractor and arrange services, visit the VCS website

Additional Information:
For a detailed description of sign-language and CART services, visit the Office of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing’s website.  

To obtain VCS contractor rates, please contact the OEOP Equal Access Compliance Unit.  The VCS Rate sheet is an internal confidential document and is not to be shared with offices or agencies outside of DHMH.

Please direct your DHMH billing invoice questions and concerns to:
Tina Smith
Equal Access Compliance Officer
(410) 767-6597

Please direct your VCS contract and contractor questions to:
Joy Epstein
VCS Contract Administrator
(410) 260-7570