Office of Appointments and Executive Nominations




The Office of Appointments and Executive Nominations for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) is responsible for recruiting and processing nominees for appointment to regulatory boards, task forces, commissions and advisory councils. The recruitment process is done pursuant to the specifications of State Statute for Health Occupations and Health General of the Annotated Code of Maryland or by Executive Order. Additionally, new task forces, committees or advisory councils are created through legislation each year which require a particular recruitment process and are usually required to be fully appointed and staffed by May, June, July or October of that same year.    

This office monitors over 1100 active appointments, tracks the length of terms of each individual and recruits for vacancies created by resignations and fulfillment of term requirement.   

Each regulatory board, task force, committee and advisory council has different licensure requirements and term eligibility, depending on statute or Executive Order.  While recruiting racial, geographical and gender diversity must be maintained.   

The Office of Appointments and Executive Nominations works in conjunction with the Governor’s Appointments Office, executive directors of the regulatory boards, state departments and agencies, professional associations, the State Ethics Commission, and the Office of the Attorney General for the Department. 


Office of Appointments & Executive Nominations

Kim Bennardi, Administrator 

201 W. Preston Street, 5th Floor 

Baltimore, MD  21201

  Office - 410-767-4049

Fax  – 410-767-6489


Current Recruitments

  • The Virginia I. Jones Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Council has an opening for a "health professional with expertise in addressing racial and ethnic health disparities."  
  • The Department is actively seeking consumer (public) members for health regulation boards.  For more information, please contact the Office of Appointments and Executive Nominations at 410-767-4049.


For a list of all regulatory boards and commissions with links to their web sites, click here

To apply for appointment consideration, please submit a Biographical Information Form