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Maryland Pland to Eliminate Minority Health Disparities, Preliminary Copy


Click Here to download a copy of the Plan


December 2006 

The Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities is pleased to announce the release of the Maryland Plan to Eliminate Minority Health Disparities, Preliminary Copy. 

The purpose of the Plan is to aid Marylanders in charting a course that will ensure that quality health services are delivered to every person in every jurisdiction of the state. 

Eliminating minority health disparities in Maryland is an on-going process that calls for a cross section of providers, consumers, and communities to work together, pooling their efforts.  This Plan is a work-in-progress and is not exhaustive in its present form.  We look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions.  Feel free to contact us by any of the methods listed below or use the Feedback Form found in the Plan on page 73 of the Plan. 

Our sincere thanks and appreciation go to the many individuals who contributed to the development of this Plan. 

Please forward any comments or suggestions to MHHD at: 


Phone:  410-767-7117  Ms. Vanessa Jordan

Fax:      410-333-5100 

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Statewide Stakeholders Participation in Plan


Statewide Health Disparities Planning Committees

Statewide Committees Executive Summary and Recommendations 
Access to Quality
Identifying Funding Strategies
Health Professional Education Measuring Health Disparities

Statewide Conferences, Roundtables, and Town Hall Meetings

Town Hall Meetings 
American Indian Roundtable 

Asian American Roundtable

African American Roundtable

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Hispanic/Latino Roundtable

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Statewide Conferences

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