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Health Disparities Intervention
Program Logic Model 
1. Awareness
Increase awareness of minority adult cardiovascular disease or infant mortality among health organizations and non-health organizations with health impacts.
Promote Cultural Competency and its relationship to improved health outcomes for minorities.
Develop health messages and address concerns that are tailored to the community.
2. Community/Culturally Competent Outreach
Train Community Health Workers and/or Promotoras de Salud.
Provide Outreach and Health Education.
Increase capacity for local health departments.
Increase supply of Health Education materials that are culturally and linguistically appropriate.
3. Leadership
Increase stakeholder knowledge about community-based interventions.
Increase knowledge about State and local health department targeted interventions.
Provide opportunities for new partners to advocate for their communities.
4. Coalitions/Community Task Forces
Increase partnerships between health and social environment organizations.
Provision of support for demonstration of community-based targeted interventions within the jurisdiction.
Enhance local infrastructure and capacity with eventual transition to local sustainability.
5. Data and Research
Collect and report race and ethnic data throughout the jurisdiction.
Identify and share promising practices that target the reduction of health disparities.
Develop a health disparities resource directory of best and promising practices.

 Office of Governor