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MBPME : actions


Disciplinary Orders

Effective July 1, 2010, in compliance with HB-114, the Board was mandated to publish all Public Orders on its website.

The following is only a SUMMARY of public orders of formal disciplinary cases decided by the Board.  Full copies of the orders may be requested in writing.  Formal verification must be requested in writing from the Board, accompanied by a check for $50.00 per Order request:



​Mikel Daniels, D.P.M. ​01353

​Order Executed: 08/08/2014

Order Effective:

​Violation of H.O. 16-311 (17) and (20) of the Act.  Respondent's employees, Maryland licensed podiatrists failed to maintain treatment records; performed out of scope procedures; and the Respondent's Spa advertised out of scope procedures.

Reprimanded; Additionally, Ordered to make anonymous donation of $15,000 to the APMA Foundation Scholarship Fund.

Larry Bernhard, DPM.​ 00591​ Order Executed: 02/09/2012;
Order Effective: 02/09/2012​

Healthcare fraud, aggravated identity theft.

Summarily Suspended, indefinitely

Victor Henry, DPM.​ 00309​ Order Executed: 02/09/2012;

Order Effective: 02/09/2012​
Making false statement regarding healthcare matters.

Surrender of License in lieu of disciplinary action
Jeannine E. George - Richardson, D.P.M. 01417 Order Executed: 12/09/2010;

Order Effective: 01/09/2011
Fraudulently or deceptively uses a license; Willfully makes or files a false report or record of podiatric services rendered; Behaves fraudulently, immorally, or unprofessionally in the practice of podiatry.

One (1) year suspension; six  (6)  months stayed, three (3) years probation.