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Living Well : testimonials


“I recommend this class to everyone who is diabetic both new and long term to help understand the importance of eating right and checking blood sugar on a regular basis. I came in overwhelmed and uninformed and this class has helped me to feel I can now handle my diabetes and keep it in control..."
“I learned how to better fight my incessant pain. If one approach doesn't work, I now have many to try. The best use of my time. Results!”

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Empowering Participants to Improve Health 

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Description of the Chronic Disease Self Management Program’s philosophy and methods as well as its remarkable health benefits by a Parish Nurse and Health educator in New Jersey, who provides the same program as Living Well, but under a different name.

Fostering Communication and Changing Lives

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View this video to learn how the Chronic Disease Self Management Programs’ open-minded atmosphere helps participants share their experiences with a chronic condition and make the decision to adopt life-changing habits.
Click here to view a short video from Peer Leaders about the value of Living Well workshops.