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Living Well : partners


What does it mean to be a partner?

Partnership can look different, depending on your interest and ability to participate:

  • Sponsor a Workshop
  • Become a Peer Leader
  • Become a Provider of Living well Workshops

What are the benefits to your organization and clients?

Self-management is a national health care trend supported by research and health care experts. It has been included in the Affordable Care Act, and is a factor in national standards for Patient Centered Medical Homes. Participating in this Stanford evidence-based model, which has proven outcomes for improved health and cost savings, can

  • Enhance your organizations’ visibility as a progressive leader in the community.
  • Enhance your current programming - Living Well Program does not conflict with existing programs or treatments. It is designed to enhance regular treatment.
  • Help your clients or patients gain better control of their chronic conditions and acquire the tools to effectively take part in managing their health, thus requiring less physician and nursing staff time.

What are the outcomes? 

Studies have shown significant improvements in health, cognitive symptom management, communication with physicians, self-reported health, health distress, fatigue, disability, and social/role activities limitations. Workshop participants also reported having spent fewer days in the hospital, with fewer outpatient visits and hospitalizations, resulting in health care savings.

Sponsor a Workshop

Interested in bringing a Living Well workshop to your agency, site or workplace?Opportunities are available to host community workshops.

Sponsors provide:

  • Meeting space for 8-16 people, with seating that can be arranged in a “U” shape
  • Assistance with recruitment and marketing
  • Assistance with registration
  • Workshop materials (books, CDs, snacks)

There might be other ways to sponsor a workshop. To learn more, or to sponsor a workshop, contact the Living Well Coordinator in your area.

Become a Peer Leader

Peer leaders attend a 4-day training program taught by individuals who have led workshops and been certified as master trainers. These master trainers provide peer leaders with the materials and support needed to be successful workshop leaders.

Peer leaders are often:

  • Individuals who have taken the workshop as participants and now want to share the program with others;
  • Individuals with chronic conditions or their caregivers; or
  • Individuals working in agencies engaged in serving individuals with chronic conditions and their caregivers.

No previous knowledge about chronic conditions is required. Peer leaders are provided with a detailed manual and agree to follow the script exactly as it is laid out in the manual throughout the program. They also agree to lead a workshop within six months of being trained and at least once a year after that, and to always facilitate workshops with another peer leader.

Peer leader training is held periodically throughout the state. To find a peer leader training course contact the State Program Manager or a Local Living Well Coordinator.

Become a Provider of Living Well Workshops

In addition to providing meeting space, marketing, and registration help for workshops, provider agencies agree to have staff members trained and certified as peer leaders and, through the workshops they lead, identify and recruit other individuals to become peer leaders. Provider agencies are key to the program’s sustainability and growth.

Peer leader training is held periodically throughout the state. To find a peer leader training course contact the State Program Manager or a Local Living Well Coordinator.

To become a provider of Living Well workshops, contact the Living Well Coordinator in your area