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MPHL : nbspatientresults

Obtain Newborn Screen Results For Your Patients

  1. If you are the baby’s primary provider but you are not the provider that submitted the newborn screen (i.e. it was submitted by the birth hospital or another provider)- Please fax your request on letterhead to 410-333-7112. Please include as much information as possible including: The Baby’s Name, The Mother’s Name, The Date of Birth, and The Birth Hospital.

  2. If you are the baby’s primary provider and you sent the newborn screen from your office, or you wrote the order for the screen- the result will be sent to you by mail, but if you would like it faxed to you sooner, please call 410-767-6099

  3. If you have questions regarding an abnormal result- Please call the follow-up unit and speak with Johnna Watson, RN, BSN- 410-767-6736; Jessica Nieto, MGC, CGC- 410-767-6708; or Julie Kaplan, MD 410-767-3060.