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MPHL : Director's Office

DHMH Laboratories Administration Office of the Director:

The Office of the Director is responsible for setting policy and for planning, managing, and coordinating the programs and activities of all the Laboratories Administration’s components. The Director provides overall leadership in both scientific and administrative matters. The Director is responsible for providing direction, identifying needs and opportunities, especially for efforts that involve matters of public health. The Director is assisted by two Deputy Directors, who share in the overall direction of the administration’s activities. In carrying out these responsibilities, the Director stays informed about program priorities and accomplishments through regular staff meetings, discussions, and briefing sessions with senior staff members



The Deputy Director of Scientific Services directs and coordinates science policy and program planning including priority setting, and evaluation of scientific procedures. He stays informed about lab activities and accomplishments through regular staff meetings, discussions, and briefing sessions with laboratory division chiefs.


The Deputy Director for Administrative and Support Services oversees the administration’s support divisions which include pre-and post analytical laboratory testing services, information technology, quality assurance, safety, security, legislative and regulatory activities. Other responsibilities include directing the Division of Drug Control.
  • Deputy Director for Administrative and Support Services:
  • 443-681-3800


      The Special Assistant manages various projects, develops and oversees the agency's personnel management process and policy. She also supervises the labs payroll process and provides administrative support for the legislative activities.
    • Special Assistant:
    • Donyet Barnes
    • 443-681-3804



    The Fiscal Administrator develops and manages the agency's budget and financial programs. He also manages the Procurement and Billing Divisions.