Central Services Division

The Central Services Division (CSD) is committed to providing quality operational and support services to the employees of the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (Department).  CSD manages Building Services, Central Warehouse, Fleet Management, Forms Management, Inventory Control, Life Safety, and Telecommunications.  The Division also administers special projects for the Department such as the convenience copier service, modular furniture installations, office renovations, onsite storage of records, forms and printed material, oversees the parking permit program, shredding of sensitive material, compliance and the reporting of the State recycling program, space planning, and State and private leasing of office space.  CSD also acts as the liaison between the Department and other State agencies for these related services.
Building Services
Building Services monitors and coordinates all building services/maintenance activities for the Department's headquarters units located throughout the Baltimore metropolitan area.
Central Warehouse
Shipping and Receiving:  Monitors shipments and/or receipts of laboratory supplies, office supplies, and fixed assets.  Ensures all purchases are entered into FMIS for accurate inventory.
Supplies Storage and Distribution:  Maintains and distributes an adequate inventory of State supplies such as Department letterhead, envelopes, copy paper, and forms to support the day-to-day activities of Department Headquarter units.
Forms Distribution:  Maintains an adequate supply of required state forms for all agencies within DHMH.  Also provides distribution of packages and supplies to various DHMH facilities and local health departments throughout the state.
Fleet Management
Fleet Management has oversight authority for over 1,100 vehicles, ranging from tractors and of-road vehicles to heavy-duty trucks, ambulances, and fire engines, in 73 sub-fleets located at Headquarters, County Health Departments, and Health facilities throughout the State of Maryland.  This section functions as the liaison for the purchasing of new vehicles between the Department of Budget and Management, and for vehicle disposals between the Department and the Department of General Services.  Issues and maintains PHH vehicle maintenance cards and Commercial Fuel gas cards for Department Headquarters Units.  Also processes all auto insurance claims for the Department.
Forms Management
Forms Management oversees the Department's forms.  Verifies all requests from the administrations' directors to add new forms, and change or remove existing forms.  Forms management bases approval for requests on COMAR regulations.  Tracks the county Health Departments and facilities form changes annually, and then send up the consolidation Departments forms report to the Department of General Services.
Insurance Control
Insurance Control manages the Departments' insurance claims.  Works with the Insurance Division of the Maryland State Treasure's Office, and the interested parties for insurance claims against the Department.  Submits the Departments' insurance survey (Property, Equipment, Automobile, and Fine Art) annually to the Insurance Division.
Inventory Control
Inventory Control maintains and control the inventory of all fixed assets, supplies, and real property within the headquarters units for the Department.  It utilizes the Financial Information System (FMIS) to manage the Fixed Assets Control Program for inventory assets over $50,000, and the inventory Control Program to ensure current and accurate information are provided to DHMH Headquarter units.
Life Safety 
CSD works hand-in-hand with the Department of General Services to plan and perform routine emergency evacuation exercises for building 201 and 300 West Preston Street.  These exercises are necessary to ensure that DHMH employees in these facilities are familiar with work area evacuation plans in cases of a real emergency.  CSD also endeavors to provide a safe and clean workspace for Department personnel.
Telecommunications ensure that the Department's telephone directory is kept updated with current listings.  It provides assistance to Departmental units, facilities and local health departments on the acquisition and routine maintenance services of telephone systems, mobile/cell phones and pagers.  Telecommunication requests are processed and coordinated through the division for appropriate action.

Central Services Divisions
Points of Contact
Toll Free: 1-877-4MD-DHMH
Information: 410-767-6809
Building Services: 410-767-6808
Division Chief: 410-767-6808
Fleet Management: 410-767-6809
Forms Management: 410-767-3598
Inventory Control: 410-767-5305
Life Safety and Security: 410-767-6808
Outlet Store: 410-767-6931
Telecommunications: 410-767-6863
UPS Shipping: 410-767-6846
Warehouse: 410-767-6845

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