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BSWE : CeuFaq

FAQ's on Continuing Education Requirements

  • Does the Board keep a list of approved continuing education programs and sponsors?
  • The Board does not keep a list of approved programs. However, the Board does maintain a list of approved sponsors, which you can access by going to the CEU Tab on the Website and then on the right hand side, locate and click on Authorized Sponsors.

  • What if a Board Authorized Sponsor reviews and approves a program of an “unapproved” sponsor?
  • Category I credit can be earned in this situation if the Board Authorized Sponsor takes responsibility for the program, places their name on the certificate of participation and indicates that they co-sponsored the program.

  • Do I still need to obtain 40 (30 for LSWA) continuing education credit hours if I am a newly licensed social worker?
  • Yes. All licensed social workers must have obtained the required continuing education credit hours before they can renew their license. A newly licensed social worker can earn credit hours from the date the license was issued until the expiration date. A social worker renewing a license for a second time, or more, must obtain the credit hours from November 1st to October 31st during the two year renewal cycle.

  • Can a licensee carry over credit hours into the next renewal cycle?
  • No.

  • If I am unable to meet the Continuing Education requirements, how do I ask for an extension of time?
  • COMAR Extension of Time outlines the request process. The written request must be filed by August 31 of the renewal year. The request must also include the reason(s) for the extension along with proper documentation

  • Under the continuing education regulations which went into effect on March 22, 2010, can a licensed social worker obtain credit hours for providing or receiving supervision or case consultation?
  • No. A licensed social worker cannot obtain credit hours for providing or receiving supervision or case consultation. However, COMAR describes structured peer-case conferences among LCSWs and LCSW-Cs as an approved Category II activity.

  • Can I earn credit hours for offering an approved face-to-face program?
  • Yes, a licensee can earn up to 12 Category II credit hours for preparing and presenting Approved face-to-face programs (see COMAR

  • Can I receive continuing education credit hours for courses related to learning American Sign Language or spoken languages when English is a second language for my clients?
  • Yes. A maximum of 6 Category II credit hours may be earned by taking foreign or sign language courses intended to enhance the delivery of social work services (see COMAR

  • Can I receive continuing education credit hours for the following courses?
    • Computer Software
    • Workplace policy and procedure
    • First Aid, CPR
    • Self-improvement
    • Personal growth

    No. The objectives of the continuing education requirements include: maintenance and enhancement of professional competence, ongoing improvement of professional skills and knowledge, and enrichment of social work services provided to the citizens of Maryland.

  • How long should a licensee keep his/her continuing education documentation?
  • Two years after the renewal cycle. The continuing education regulations also require that continuing education documentation be kept for:

    • Two (2) years when a license is on inactive status and
    • Two (2) years if the license expired.

    These time frames are required in case the social worker wishes to request reactivation or reinstatement status.

Updated 08/22/2014