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Newsletters/E-Blasts from the Maryland Board of Occupational Therapy




Format: Word (doc) or Adobe Reader (pdf)
May 23, 2011 E-Blast Reminder of 2011 Renewal Dates 2011_renewal_reminder.doc
March 21, 2011 E-Blast 2011 License Renewal Instructions 2011_10.46.01.02_renewal_instructions2.doc
February 16, 2011 E-Blast 2011 License Renewal 2011_license_renewal.doc
January 24, 2011 E-Blast New Website Address: new_website.doc
October 4, 2010 E-Blast CCR Reminder from MBOT ccr_reminder_2010.doc
June 22, 2010 E-Blast Renewal Information - Deadline:  06/30/2010 renewal_reminder_2010.doc
April 29, 2010 E-Blast Website Address website_address.doc
April 28, 2010 E-Blast 2010 Online Renewal Instructions for Licenses Expiring 6/30/2010 online_instructions_2010.doc
April 10, 2010 E-Blast Maryland O.T. Board Member Vacancy board_member_vacancy.doc
March 15, 2010 E-Blast License Renewal Update license_renewal_update_2010.doc
January 5, 2010 E-Blast Maryland OT Licensure Changes ot_licensure_changes.doc
November 10, 2009 E-Blast Deadline for Continuing Competency fall_2009.doc
October 29, 2009 E-Blast OT Board News (MOTA Conference) MOTA_conference_2009.doc
September 25, 2009 E-Blast 2009 MBOT PAMS Survey 2009 MBOT PAMS SURVEY.doc
June 11, 2009 E-Blast MD Autism Commission Seat Announcement (correction) MD autism commission seat.doc
June 8, 2009 E-Blast MD Autism Commission Seat Announcement MD autism commission seat.doc
March 25, 2009 E-Blast Board Member Vacancy winter_2009.doc
February 5, 2009 E-Blast Continuing Competency Requirement - News: AOTA Approved Provider Program CCR News.doc
November 15, 2008 E-Blast MBOT's Presentation at MOTA Conference MOTA_conference_2008.doc
October 16, 2008 E-Blast O.T. News Release - Fall 2008:  New Board members announced, new regulations, recordkeeping, and address changes FALL_2008.doc
June 5, 2008 E-Blast License Renewal Deadline license_renewal_deadline_08.doc
April 16, 2008 E-Blast OnLine Renewal Instructions Online_renewal_instructions_08.doc
February 26, 2008 E-Blast Maryland OT Renewal Update OT_Renewal_Update.doc
January 24, 2008 E-Blast OT Consumer Member Award consumer_member_award.doc
September 25, 2007 E-Blast O.T. News Release - Fall 2007:  continuing education reminder, renewal notices and audit information fall_2007.doc
Spring 2007 E-Blast Board member vacancy spring_2007.doc
May 18, 2007 Posted on website Feeding and Swallowing Therapy Position Statement swallowingtherapypositionstatement.doc
March 17, 2006 E-Blast O.T. News Release:  audits, renewals and proposed fees winter_2006.doc
October 4, 2005 E-Blast O.T. News Release:  Recordkeeping recordkeeping.doc
August 16, 2005 E-Blast O.T. News Release:  Audits, Continuing education, renewals fall_2005.doc
April 7, 2005 E-Blast O.T. News Release:  board survey, continuing education, emailing newsletters 2005_a.doc
November 29, 2004 E-Blast O.T. News Release: board member news, continuing education, discipline, jurisprudence exam, and workforce trends 2004_newsletter.doc
September 15, 2003 Newsletter O.T. News:  jurisprudence exam, continuing education, audit notices, discipline, etc. fall_2003a.doc
October, 2001 Newsletter O.T. Newsletter:  audit notice, MOTA conference, rosters, fees, regulations, continuing education, dates and forms. winter_2001.pdf
February, 2001 Newsletter O.T. News:  public information, board members, web site, FAQ and calendar newsletter Feb 2001.doc
September, 2000 Newsletter O.T. News:  statute changes, regulation update, FAQ, and expired licensees. septnewsletter.doc
August/September 2009 Newsletter O.T. News:  practice act revisions and definitions fall_1999.pdf
March 1999 Newsletter O.T. Newsletter:  fees, proposed regulation update, continuing education, board membership, and complaint process. spring_1999.pdf

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