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Board of Occupational Therapy Practice

Continuing Competency Requirement 

A.  To Prepare for Renewal

1.  Renewal of licenses occurs annually.

2.  The next renewal deadline is June 16th, or June 30th with a renewal late fee.

3.  12 contact hours must be earned between January 1st and December 31st of the previous year in order to renew by June 30th; or .  

4.  The Board also recognizes the maintenance of current NBCOT certification as fulfilling the requirements for continuing competency.

B.  Summary:  Continuing Competency Requirements to Annually Renew Licenses Expiring June 30th.

1.  Purpose

The Board of Occupational Therapy Practice has established regulations for continued competency.  When an occupational therapist or occupational therapy assistant applies for the renewal of a license, that licensee shall be required to certify to the Board the licensee's involvement in professional education activities updating competency in occupational therapy theory and practice and to provide documentation to that effect upon the Board's request.

2.  Scope

The objectives of continuing competency are:

     (1) Maintenance of professional competency or improvement of professional competency, or both; and;

     (2) Assurance of completion of continuing education requirements for:

  1. Licensure;
  2. Renewal;
  3. Reactivation; and
  4. Reinstatement.

3.  Unit Requirements

     A. Definitions:

      (1) "Contact hour" means 1 hour spent in a continuing competency activity that meets the requirements of the Board and is approved as set forth in this chapter.

      (2) "Contact hour" does not include orientations, introductions, refreshment breaks, reception, other social gatherings, and meals which do not include an acceptable educational activity.

     B. Contact Hours Required for License Renewal:

​If Licensed for: ​Licensure Dates: ​Contact Hrs. Required
​More than 1 Year ​prior to July 1 ​12 hours
​Less than 1 Year ​after July 1 ​Zero hours

The 12 contact hours shall consist of a minimum of 8 contact hours related to occupational therapy principles and procedures and a maximum of 4 contact hours through occupational therapy role-related activities. Occupational therapy principles and procedures, as well as occupational therapy role-related activities, are defined in COMAR

The Board also recognizes the maintenance of current NBCOT certification as fulfilling the Continuing Competency requirement.

4.  Time Frame

The period for completing continuing competency requirements extends from January 1st to December 31st of the previous year.  The licensee may not carry over contact hours from one continuing competency time frame to another without written consent from the Board.

5.  Extension Requests

Before the deadline to complete continuing competency, i.e., December 31st, a licensee may request an extension to the specified time frame for completing continuing competency requirement by submitting:

      (a) A letter of request;
      (b) Documentation substantiating the basis of the request, i.e., medical documentation; and
      (c) A plan for completing the requirement.

The Board has sole discretion in granting/denying extension requests. A license will not be renewed unless the continuing education requirement has been met. Licensees who fail to meet this requirement, may be eligible for reinstatement.

6.  Licensee Attestation

A license will not be renewed unless the continuing competency requirement has been met, and the licensee has signed a statement of attestation.

7.  Additional Information

Refer to COMAR 10.46.04 for complete regulations. A statute and regulations manual is distributed to each licensee at the time of original application.

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Office Staff

  • Donna Ashman, Executive Director, 410-402-8558,
  • For licensing questions: Marilyn Pinkney, Licensing Coordinator, 410-402-8556,
  • For CCR and disciplinary matters: Denise Goetz, Case Manager
  • For online renewal, roster requests and website information: Jo-Ann Lane, Computer Network Specialist, 410-402-8552,