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Board of Morticians & Funeral Directors


There will be a protocol for funeral establishments who volunteer to serve families of deceased Ebola patients. All transport of human remains will be handled by the Anatomy Board. After seventy-two hours, any remains could be picked up by the funeral establishment for immediate final disposition. Please email Ruth Ann Arty at, if your funeral establishment is volunteering to serve any possible decedents’ families.


1. Renewal Application for Establishments
2. Renewal Application for Corporations
3. Renewal Application for Funeral Directors
4. Renewal Application for Surviving Spouse
5. Renewal Application for Courtesy Card Holders


November 6, 2014 – Mr. Tom Anderson will be inspecting Mortuary Transportation Vehicles in Baltimore City from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. To have your vehicle(s) inspected you must send an email to with the name of your company and how many vehicles that will be inspected that day. You will receive an email back advising you of the time you are scheduled for inspection. If no email is received you will be required to wait until all scheduled inspections are completed. This inspection will be conducted in the parking lot for the Baltimore subway on Vertis Park Drive. The street runs off of Patterson Avenue east of Wabash Avenue.


November 7, 2014 - Ruth Ann Arty will be speaking on the Transport Regulations and Human Dignity Act at the Community College of Baltimore County – Catonsville at 11:00 AM for 2 CEU’s. There is an additional 3 CEU’s being offered by Clark Air Seal Vaults (1 CEU), Haven Line Casket Co. (1.5 CEU’s), and an update by Brian Burke on the Mortuary Science Program at CCBC (.5 CEU’s). These is no cost for these presentations. Please call 443-840-4924 to register.


The enforcement of the mortuary transport regulations is being extended until after November 15, 2014 to allow extra time for training and compliance.


1. Receipt of Human Remains at Crematory, Release of Cremated Human Remains from Crematory and Verification Of Human Remains to be Cremated and 2. Log for Mortuary Transport Vehicles. (Please keep in the glove compartment of the removal vehicle and update for each removal)


To all Licensees and interested Consumers:
There will be several openings on the Board in July, 2015. Please apply by November 15, 2014. The necessary application can be found under "Board Vacancy ".


The CJIS authorization number for the Board is 1400003636.


Mortician and Funeral Directors - Pre-Need Contracts Effective July 1, 2014.


Instructions for "Guaranteed, Non-Guaranteed, and Guaranteed in Part Contracts.

Sample of Guarantee in Part Contract.


Crematory Regulations 10.29.16 - 10.29.20 Effective Date 4/14/2014.


Crematory owners do not need to be certified unless they plan to operate the cremators.


Transportation Regulations 10.29.21 Effective 2/17/2014


During the March 12, 2014 Open Session, the Board discussed the placement of the ID Tag which is required to be placed on the long bone, as it affects religious practice. Religious groups, that shroud the body after death, have raised concerns that present practice would cause a disturbance to the body if identification became necessary. The Board decided that the required ID Tag must still be placed on the long bone per Health Occupations §7-411. For Jewish bodies an additional tag should be placed on the wrist, for ID to be possible and still honor cultural concerns regarding not disturbing the wrap. For Muslim bodies, an alternative method is suggested. An additional ID tag should be placed around both ankles, over the wrap. Thank you all for respecting cultural concern and following the law.



The State Board of Morticians and Funeral Directors was established as the State Board of Undertakers of Maryland in 1902 (Chapter 160, Acts of 1902). Renamed the State Board of Funeral Directors and Embalmers in 1937, then the Board of Morticians in 1981. The Board received its present name in 2007 (Chapter 186 Acts of 2007).

The purpose of the State Board of Morticians and Funeral Directors is to carry out the duties mandated under Title 7 of the Health Occupations Article. The primary purpose is the protection of the public's health and welfare through proper credentialing, examination, licensure, and discipline of morticians, funeral directors, surviving spouses, apprentices and funeral establishments in Maryland. The Board also inspects and licenses funeral establishments upon proof of compliance with all applicable Federal, State and local laws. The Board issues 7 categories of licenses: Mortician, Funeral Directors, Surviving Spouse, Apprentices, Funeral Establishments, Funeral Service Corporate Licenses and Courtesy Card licenses.

The Board of Morticians and Funeral Directors interacts cooperatively with other agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission, the Office of the Attorney General, Division of Consumer Protection, DHMH Office of the Secretary, Office of Cemetery Oversight of the Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation, DHMH Office of the Medical Examiner, and the State Anatomy Board where the Mortician's law and practical examinations are given.

The Board became Special Funded in October of 1993. The revenue collected from licensing fees covers the operating costs of the Board.



Board of Morticians & Funeral Directors Address

Ruth Ann Arty, Executive Director- RuthAnn.Arty@Maryland.Gov

PHONE: 410-764-4792


Office of Governor


Upcoming Events

  • October 21 - Jurisprudence Exam @ 10am
  • October 21 - Practical Exam @ 1pm
  • November 12 - Board Meeting @ 11:30 am
  • December 10 - Board Meeting @ 11:30 am
  • January 6 - Jurisprudence Exam @ 10am
  • January 14 - Board Meeting @ 11:30 am
  • February 11 - Board Meeting @ 11:30 am
  • March 11 - Board Meeting @ 11:30 am
  • April 8 - Board Meeting @ 11:30 am
  • April 14 - Jurisprudence Exam @ 10 am
  • April 14 - Practical Exam @ 1pm