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An individual whose license has been expired for less than five years may apply for reinstatement of their license.  These individual must call the Board and request a reinstatement for and inquire about the current fees for reinstatement of an expired license.  Contact the Board at 410-764-4725 to request a reinstatment form.  

An individual whose license has been expired for more than five years must reapply for licensure and meet/exceed all current requirements for licensure.  Use the appropriate form in the "Licensure Forms" section and submit all required materials and fees to the Board.

All licensees must submit a change of mailing address form to the Board within 30 days of the change.  This includes changes to e-mail addresses.

Name change forms must be submitted within 30 days of the change.  If a revised license is requested a $5.00 duplicate license fee must be submitted with the name change forms.

The inactive status form may be used only during the renewal process (i.e., within 60 days prior to the expiration date of the license).