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Behavioral Health and Disabilities

Integrated Regulations Workgroup

Behavioral Health Integrated Regulations Workgroup Revised Timeline (posted:  February 23, 2012)

Plan to Integrate Behavioral Health Regulations in Maryland (posted: July, 2011)

Behavioral Health Regulations:  Proposed Structure (posted:  September, 2011)

Telephone Conferences with Accreditation Organizations (posted:  November 16, 2011)

Telephone Conferences with Accrediting Organizations (posted:  November 3, 2011)

Behavioral Health Regulations Workgroup Status Updates (updated: February 23, 2012)

Members of the Behavioral Health Integrated Regulations Workgroup:

Stacey Diehl, Mental Hygiene Administration
Lori Doyle, Provider Representative
Barbara Francis, Office of Attorney General
Brian Hepburn, Mental Hygiene Administration
Sue Jenkins, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration
Darrell Nearon, Behavioral Health and Disabilities
Sharon Olhaver, Mental Hygiene Administration
Daryl Plevy, Mental Hygiene Administration
Wendy Kanely, Office of Health Care Quality
Kathy Rebbert-Franklin, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Administration, Chair
Tracy Schulden, Provider Representative
Susan Tucker, Medical Care Administration

Questions and/or comments can be sent to

Office of Governor