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MEMO to Participants in August 29/30 Stakeholder Meetings
The purpose of the August stakeholders meetings is to get participants’ insights on how Maryland can capitalize on health reform to create a better integrated system of care, given Maryland’s current approach to behavioral health service delivery, financing and benefits management.  Input at the sessions will be focused on the following four questions:
·         What would an integrated system in Maryland look like in terms of practice, delivery platform, benefits management and financing?
·         How could Maryland move to an integrated system?
·         What are the features of the current system that support integration?
·         What are the opportunities for improvement in the current system in terms of integration, patient-centered care, and health and wellness?
These meetings will not be run as hearings, but rather, will be forums for discussion, with the consultants guiding the conversation through the four questions above.  Written input will be accepted as well.